The Audisse radios are equipped with a USB playback function. Which USB sticks can be used?
This radio is supporting USB sticks from 16Mb to 128Gb.

What file-formats are supported?
The radio plays MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and WAV-files, other formats are not supported.

In certain cases a file cannot be played on your radio, but the same file plays correctly on your PC or Laptop. In most cases this is because of a failure in the encoding (encoding is the process to convert an audio CD) or in the extra file information (ID3 Tags) that are included in your file. This is not a problem with your radio.

When this occurs, try to convert your files again from CD, or contact the supplier of your files.

There are files on my USB stick but on the screen appears <<Empty>> what am I doing wrong?
To read the files, the USB stick has to be formatted in the following file format:

Capacity from 16Mb to 2Gb -> FAT16
Capacity from 2Gb to 128Gb -> FAT32

WARNING! Formatting deletes all files on the USB stick. Please make sure you have a working copy before starting the format.