RADIO Shirudo
Shokunin Netbox
WiFi Internet Radio
DAB+ Digitale Radio
FM radio with RDS station information
Number of presets 3 x 40
3 x 40
3 x 30
Preset zap-function


EXTRA MEDIA Shirudo Shokunin   Netbox
Bluetooth 4.1 receiver for music streaming
Hands-free phonecall function
Spotify Connect
USB player (supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, LPCM, Real Audio and WAV files)
Network media player


AUDIO  Shirudo Shokunin Netbox 
Speaker(s) size 2 x 3 inch 2 x 3 inch 1 x 5 inch
Speaker(s) type Double Neodymium Double Neodymium Big Magnet
Output (max.) 2 x 15 Watt 2 x 15 Watt 7 Watt
D Class, high efficiency amplifier
DSP Digital Sound Processing
Equaliser function
Separate tone control Bass – Treble
Separate tone control Bass – Mid – Treble – Loudness
Stereo headphone connector


POWER SUPPLY Shirudo  Shokunin  Netbox 
Adaptor (100-240V -> 15V)
Mains current (100-240V)
Plays on batteries (NiMH batteries included) – 6 x C – 4.000 mAh
Plays on built-in “Long-Player” Lithium-Polymer battery – 11,1V – 4.000 mAh
– 11,1V –
4.000 mAh
Avg. autonomy playing on battery 12 – 16 hours
12 – 16 hours
8 – 10 hours


CHARGING  Shirudo  Shokunin  Netbox
Also charges while playing
Charge indicator in the display


DISPLAY & CONTROLS Shirudo Shokunin   Netbox
Detailed, backlit, monochrome dot matrix display
Detailed, backlit, color dot matrix display
Adjustable display backlight


EXTRA FUNCTIONS Shirudo Shokunin   Netbox
USB power-out – 5V-1A
– 5V-0.5A – 5V-1A
Multi-language user interface
Bluetooth device list
UNDOK App control
Dubbele alarm function with snooze


FEATURES Shirudo  Shokunin  Netbox
Durable ABS plastic body
Metal speaker grill
Metal, collapsible handle
Protective roll-cage with handle
Metal, telescopic antenna
Flexible, collapsible antenna
Neopren-rubber power cable
Length power cable 2,2 meter
3 meter
3 meter
Cable strorage and plug holder on the back
Magnetic lid for protection of display and controls
Metal bars for display protection
Bluetooth connected LED
Water-resistant microphone
Rubber feet


DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT/COLOUR Shirudo  Shokunin  Netbox
Dimensions (W x H x D) 25,5 x 15,5 x 11,5 cm
32,5 x 25 x 21,5 cm
35,5 x 22,5 x 19 cm
Weight in kg (incl. batteries) 2,1 kg
3,5 kg
3,7 kg
Colour Anthracite Anthracite Anthracite


INCLUDED IN THE BOX  Shirudo Shokunin   Netbox
Additional, metal, telescopic antenna
Power and charge adaptor (15V – 2A)

Travel bag
NiMH batteries 6 x C – 4000 mAh
Multi-language Quickstart guide (UK, F, D, NL)


CLASSIFICATIONS Shirudo  Shokunin Netbox 
Rain, dirt and dust resistant IP65
IP65 IP64
TüV/GS certified


PRODUCT DATA  Shirudo  Shokunin Netbox 
EAN Code 8717 7747 6341 4
8717 7747 6343 8 8717 7747 6342 1
Warranty 2 year
2 year 2 year
RRP excl. VAT €288,43
€288,43 €263,64
RRP incl. VAT €349,- €349,- €319,-